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We search, hire, manage, and pay international workforce across the world, so you can fast- track global expansion

We hire talent to work for your business in other countries
You focus on building your best business and we handle the rest

Hiring the best talent internationally is a great way to expand around the world. But it is not easy.
Building the infrastructure needed to find talent, comply with local hiring laws, navigate local payroll,
benefits, taxes, equipment, and equity takes time. WES takes care of everything, so you
can bring in the talent you need to seamlessly grow your business.

Easily hire qualified talent
anywhere in the world







The Talent you need for your business is abundant and accessible in other countries

Having expert recruiters in each country is expensive. Through our network of local expert partners, WES searches for the best-qualified talent for the roles you need

From offer letter to onboarding in minutes

Do you want to bring to your business the international talent we found for you? We handle all the steps, a custom contract is signed that complies with local laws, and new team members are ready to join you in a few minutes

We make sure that payday for your team happens all over the world

We run payroll in every country streamlining international operations and managing local compliance, taxes, benefits and more

We remain in compliance with local laws

Through our legal, human resources and accounting experts in each country, we ensure that everything related to recruitment complies with local laws and tax regulations so that new team members can work wherever they reside

More flexibility and freedom
for companies and teams

With WES, companies can freely hire whoever they want, regardless of their location. And people around the world can access more opportunities with fewer restrictions
It's better, smarter, faster recruiting for companies around the world and the freedom and mobility for team members to move, live and work anywhere without worry.

Compliant –Reliable -Secure

It is our responsibility, not yours

When WES hires talent to work for you, we take full employment responsibility to make sure you comply with local laws

GDPR Compliance

We’re compliant with GDPR and privacy laws around the world, so you can rest assured that you’re doing things the right way

Always on support

Our support team is here to help you. Do you have a question? We will be there to answer it.

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