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What Staff Augmentation is?

Staff Augmentation is a service designed to add extra talent to your team on an on-demand basis. This allows businesses to immediately find the right fit for hard-to-fill or temporary positions, which boosts the scalability and efficiency of project development.

Staff Augmentation adds the extra talent needed to boost your projects.

Today, companies all over the world use Staff Augmentation to reach their goals faster and more cost- efficiently. Thanks to IT staffing, any organization can bypass every speed bump related to sourcing, recruiting, and retaining talented software engineers

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Cultural Adaptability

Matching the company culture is paramount to avoiding attrition and ensuring teams interact as best as possible. Professionals with strong cultural alignment with the United States and Canada can seamlessly integrate with in-house teams and traditional staff.

Talent Hiring And Retention

Staff augmentation is a surefire way to jump over the hurdles of finding and retaining top talent, something that lately has been getting harder to accomplish. You are provided with the best professionals on a silver platter and don´t need to worry about the time it takes to find the ideal candidates or beating other companies to the punch.

Communication And Interaction

The distributed geography of augmented staff cause employees to stumble when it comes to communication. The augmented teams must always be interacting with each other and with the in-house staff, assuring constant ommunication and close goal alignment.

Staff Augmentation is one of
the core of what we do at WES

The majority of our professionals are located in Latin American countries
and will deliver sophisticated solutions that create lasting value across your
digital acceleration journey.

Advantages of hiring professionals from
Latin America

Cultural alignment

US-Aligned Time Zone

Geographical proximity

Cost Savings

No secondary hiring costs


WES Professionals are assigned to a particular client. Professionals are not assigned to other projects or accounts. Your team's knowledge will h e lp reduce risks down the road and remain intact throughout the lifecycle of WES services.

Top 1%
Professional Talent

We specialize in the robust end-to-end delivery of custom solutions designed by the top 1% of software engineering teams. Our innate talent leadership identity drives transformation across industries. We are always ready to drive meaningful change with a strategic vision for the future.


Recruitment is the foundation of our company. Both to cover our internal demand, as well as the demand of our clients. Our recruitment process is constantly active to ensure immediate access to the best IT professionals in the market.

Maintain Oversight
& Control

WES’s professionals quickly integrate themselves into your internal team’s processes, report directly to in-house management, and participate actively in daily meetings and progress reports.

Save Time

Comply with your deadlines and put our round-the-clock recruitment process to work for your team. Find the right professionals for every role in less time.


We rigorously examine reasoning skills, technical ability, and soft skills in our interview process. Only those professionals who score highly in each of these areas are presented to our clients.

The Top Pros & Cons of Staff Augmentation

While staffing provides many benefits, it also has a few cons.

01. Talent

Quickly integrate outstanding Professionals that increase
your team's capacity and add value to your project.

02. Easy Hiring

Easily find and hire the specific skill sets needed for each of
your projects. No need to worry about talent retention.

03. Instant Know-How

Smooth out any project road bumps and minimize
downtime with the expertise of an extended team.

04. Flexibility

Increase or decrease the size of your development
workforce as needed with on-demand talent.

01. Possible Ramp-ups

Projects that require a high level of knowledge in company culture & context may create ramp-up times.

02. Reliance on Internal Processes

Flawed internal processes may extend some negative effects to outsourced staffing solutions.

03. Workflow Matching

Not all companies are used to working with extended teams. Adapting to their rhythm may take some time.

We create impactful solutions that drive
meaningful change with a strategic vision.

Working With The Right Partner

To kick-off a successful partnership, you should study the company’s industry reputation, past work, their recruitment process, and expertise.

Choosing The Outsourcing Model That Works For You

For this step, try to carry out an internal assessment studying your experience, capabilities, and weaknesses. Staff augmentation services are fully customizable, so there will be a model that will best suit your needs.

Define Expectations From The Start

Your goals and design expectations should be determined distinctly. Also, numerous evaluations should be undertaken throughout the process so as to clearly identify progress and make the necessary amendments before too many resources have been invested.

Prioritize Communication

Working with staff augmentation services requires setting up a clear line of communication and to create an effective feedback cycle. This a key factor for any project’s success.

What Happens Next?

Leading outsourcing companies will prepare a maintenance plan according to your needs from the beginning, to ensure there is a strategy to phase out your increased staff and redirect your internal team once projects are completed.

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Staff Augmentation is one of
the core of what we do at WES

The majority of our professionals are located in Latin American countries
and will deliver sophisticated solutions that create lasting value across your
digital acceleration journey.