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Financial services

Financial services are in the midst of a renewed customer focus on revenue growth, digital transformation, an increased need for risk management, and a challenging regulatory environment. We help finance organizations build strong multidisciplinary teams to address all of these issues

Consumer Market

WES has helped multiple consumer companies identify, assess, and recruit executive talent that can meet the demands of highly competitive markets and have a long-term impact on the organization. We bring a combination of practical industry experience and a deep understanding of the changing world of consumers.

Technology, Media & Communication

Knowledge of technology, media, and telecommunications has become a necessary leadership tool for companies in all sectors. Our experience has helped build the leadership teams of several preeminent Technology, Media, and Telecommunications companies.


The rapid acceleration and growing importance of digital health, changing market dynamics, and changes in patient behaviors increase the need for healthcare companies to be more innovative. As healthcare becomes more consumer -centric, innovation, not just technology, is driving the best opportunity for convergence. WES understands the trends that are reshaping the industry and helps organizations identify and develop the right leadership talent to increase their organizations' success


Industrial companies need leaders who know how to navigate digital transformation, focus on the customer in real-time, turn data into actionable insights to better serve customers, and foster organizational cultures that foster innovation while building and leveraging smarter platforms. WES helps industrial clients adapt to a seismic change in the industry through executive search, leadership assessment, succession planning, and aligning organizational culture with strategy.

Private Equity

In a more mature and competitive business environment, talent has become the differentiating factor in private equity firms. WES helps clients find and develop the best leadership talent and enable the effectiveness of organizations and their leadership teams.

Professional & IT Services

Customers are becoming more sophisticated, demanding a broader range of diverse and cost-effective solutions. These changes require consulting firms to have leadership and organizational cultures that can adapt as they move into the next decade. WES understands the trends that are reshaping the industry and help organizations identify and develop the right leadership talent to increase the success of their organizations.

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